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Sean Carey began performing at the age of  10, when he played “Dixie” in his 5th grade talent show, following a pair of breakdancers.  The crowd went wild…for the breakdancers.  Sean promptly put his guitar down and joined a breakdancing crew.  Despite the fact that his favorite song was the guitar-laden “Rock Box” by Run D.M.C., Sean didn’t see the point in continuing with the guitar, as rap would be his favorite music for all time and rap didn’t need guitars.  When this soon changed, he picked the guitar up again and it was like he never put it down.  He could still tear through the old southern favorites like slavery was back in style.  In high school, he put together a hardcore band and was even straight edge for 8 days.  Though not in a row.  Realizing the world was not nearly as much fun without alcohol, Sean left the band and struck out on his own.  He attended college in Chapel Hill, just in time to catch the tail end of a burgeoning music scene.  He played with a few bands while there and listened to even more.  As a lark, he tried out as the singer for a friend’s band.  Amazingly enough, he could actually sing.  He spent the next few days kicking himself for the years of wasted genius.  Then he sang.  And sang some more.  After graduating from college, he came back up to the northeast and was asked to front the band, Missing Digit, a name he hated from the start and never really got used to.  But he did it anyway.  The band began playing at many of New Jersey’s dive bars and strip clubs.  Luckily, creative differences soon put an end to Missing Digit, though Sean continued to frequent the strip clubs.

Here’s where it gets good.  After the Digit’s demise, Sean decided to

The world sings his praises...

“I’ve heard worse.” -Fred Savage (not the Fred Savage, but seriously, that was his name)

“Hey, you were the greatest singer I’ve seen in my life…oh, sh*t, I gotta go.” -some drunk guy who proceeded to run outside and throw up

“a witty, sometimes irreverent, sense of humor, mixed in with heartbreakingly sweet songs…” -Pete Bragansa, Plastique

“What does irreverent mean?” -Sean Carey

“Flippant, impudent.” -Pete Bragansa, Plastique

“You’re losing me.” -Sean Carey

“Mocking, bold…” -Pete Bragansa, Plastique

“Oh.  Okay.” -Sean Carey

concentrate on his solo career and started playing open mics all over New Jersey and New York.  At the end of the night, he was asked to perform full dates at many of these venues.  So he did.  He soon met singer, Sadie James, and the two had an immediate musical connection.  Within weeks, the pair recorded a song for the off-off-Broadway production of Den of Thieves, directed by Robert Mulligan.  The production won no awards, nor did it receive any accolades.  In fact, it closed after a week.  But, Mr. Mulligan did go on to direct Boxed, a film that did win awards at many of the world’s independent film festivals, such as Panama and other places you wouldn’t think even had electricity, never mind film.  Anyway, he continued on with his solo career, trying to build his celebrity by playing at many clubs in New York and across the country.  He also opened for bands such as One Handed Molly and Ferdinand the Bull.  He soon became frustrated at being held down by “The Man” and decided to leave the corporate music world and become a rock god independently.  So, after recording a string of demos, Sean is finally in the process of putting together his debut CD, aptly titled 20 minute showers.  His songs range from the sweet and sappy to the hysterical and sardonic, but are always brilliant (his own words).  His shows consist of a mix of these songs and a smattering of covers that were not meant for a solo acoustic performer whatsoever.  Sean Carey truly is an emotional roller coaster, better than CATS, better than E.T.  And better looking than the latter.  He will remain a force to be reckoned with for weeks to come.