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april 24 - spent the day in dubway studios. feels kind of cool to be doing it here, as one of my favorite bands while growing up, they might be giants, recorded here. fixed up a couple tracks from the demo (lost and corvette) and put down a few new ones...a humbled world and butter, as well as the music for a song called careless, which will be sung by sadie james (right, sadie?). I wrote the music one day and called sadie to tell her that I had just written the prettiest song I've ever written. I played it for her and she agreed. when I told her I still had to write the words, she said, "let me write them." for those of you who don't know how I feel about sadie as an artist, this is the equivalent of bono (or someone else of that talent level) saying he wants to write the words to your new song. she wrote them and they're amazing. really looking forward to hearing this one once she records the vocals. anyway, it was a good day overall.

may 15 Ė played cbís gallery tonight. though I was pretty sick, I had a great night. probably sounded a bit rough, but whatever. thanks to everyone who came out or watched the webcast.

may 16 Ė what a day. steve poltz played an afternoon show in my friendsí, lou and rainís, living room (how the hell do you punctuate that sentence correctly?). it was just one of those great days. steve played an unbelievable 4 hour show (maybe more, I have no idea). another friend, carrie of the greylocks opened up, which was awesome. and then steve asked me to play a couple songs after the show on his guitar, steak knife. I felt like we were at camp. but a really sick, demented camp. if you havenít experienced steve poltz, you need to. thanks, steve, lou, rain, and everyone else, for a beautiful day.

may 17 Ė Iím never drinking again.

june 6 Ė I have a couple songs on garageband.com. you can get to it from links on the music page on this site. garageband allows artists on the site to comment on each otherís songs and vote. based on user reviews over the last few weeks, eclipse was ďtrack of the dayĒ on june 6. Iíve been really happy with the reviews Iíve been getting so far. itís cool to get feedback from strangers around the world. so far, norway thinks I suck. but Iím huge in perrysville.

September 12 - huh, with all the talking I do, Iíd thought Iíd use this more. anyway, Iíd like to say thank you to my good friends, lou and rain, for giving me the honor of playing their living room. for those unfamiliar, lou and rain began opening their living room in new jersey to musicians from all around the country a couple years ago. since then, they have had beaver nelson, steve poltz, mary lou lord, adam carroll, scrappy jud newcomb, and many others. it has become a regular stop for a lot of talented artists when they come to the new york area. on friday, september 10, I was given the opportunity to open for beaver nelson and his amazing band of scrappy jud newcomb, josh gravelin, and stephen belans. what an amazing group of musicians/people. check them out if you get the chance. a heartfelt thank you to all.

october 19 Ė Saturday was a ton of fun. I played the bitter end and was followed by tyler hilton. tylerís such a nice guy and has done a lot with his music (debut album on maverick) and acting (american dreams, one tree hill, etc.). he packed the room, so I got to play for a whole new audience. and he also brought michelle branch up for a song. thanks to everyone who came out. hope you had as good of a time as I did.

october 27 Ė such an amazing weekend. I opened for steve poltz on saturday night at my good friend, danaís living room show. these shows are great. so intimate and warm. and then we ended the night with group sex. okay, not really. but I think a few attempts were made. the night before, I was taught a major lesson. steve played at a bar where no one but those of us who were there to see him (with a few exceptions) paid any attention. Iíve never seen this happen to him before (and never thought I would). but it happened. and he just kept right on playing, for a few hours, even bringing a few of us up to play a as well. he tried to get the crowd for awhile, but there was a point where you saw something in him snap and he decided that if he couldnít get them to listen, that he would see how much they wouldnít listen to. and he made up disturbed words to his sweetest songs. I laughed so hard at some of the songs that it hurt and where most people would probably play the time they were paid for and then quit, he kept going for a couple hours, knowing that there was at least one person (though there were a bunch of us) who was listening.  very cool. we went down sunday night to see him play at the pourhouse in raleigh. and at the end of his set, he graciously asked me and my friend, carrie, to each play a set after clearing it with the owner. probably the nicest stage and sound system Iíve played on. thanks, steve.

p.s. team america is f*#$ng hysterical.

december 9 Ė played the bitter end again last night. I really love this place. and got to share the night with josh radin, whose songs you may have heard on scrubs recently. josh is a really great guy and I wish him the best of luck in his move to l.a. had a lot of fun again.

december 15 Ė okay, this is great...sunday night, I was told by a girl that my song, butter, was "the worst song I've ever heard in my entire life."

it's up there with my favorite things I've been told about one of my songs.

here's how this came about...

-first of all, quick background if you donít know it...butter is a song about the "butter face" idea. "she's got a great body, but 'er face..."-.

okay, so...

the girl was a friend of a friend. she saw me at the bitter end on a wednesday. I ran into her at a party that saturday. she starts by telling me she really liked the show and asked how long I've been playing, etc. then she says that she wasn't thrilled about the song with all the cursing that was all violent towards cops, because her uncle was a police officer. so I said, "f*ck the police? that's an n.w.a. song. that was supposed to be ironic."

"oh, I thought that was your song."

uh huh. off to a great start.

I politely excused myself and went to talk to other people. she came up again. told me I have a great voice and I am a "guitar master" (not even close to true), but..."that song about the ugly girls with good bodies..."

I said, "butter. yeah?"

to which she replied, "that was the worst song I've ever heard in my entire life."

"o...kay," I said.

and she went on. "seriously. that song is horrible. it's so mean."

so I said, "that's funny, 'cause that's the song most people ask me to play...including girls. most people think it's funny."

"no," she said. "it's disgusting. and then that other song about stalking a girl...? I mean, you look so nice and you have this really sweet voice, but then you start singing, and you're like, 'wow, he's really an asshole...'"

"uh huh...anything else?" I asked.

"hmm...well, your songs are too long," she said.

I told her that I agreed, but she had to go on about it..."I mean, they're like 5 or 6 minutes long. they should be 4 1/2 minutes tops for singer/songwriter stuff, and 3 for pop."

again, I agreed.

but apparently, she had more to say..."I mean, you have too many choruses. there's like 5 or 6 choruses in every song."

I told her, "no, I make it a point to limit it to 3 because I know I get wordy in the verses."

"no there were 5 or 6," she said.

I was finally getting a little annoyed. "lady, I'm not getting defensive. I wrote the songs. there's 3."

"whatever. but they are too long."

"uh huh. so...was there anything you liked about the show?" I asked.

"well, that girl you brought up to do a song? she was amazing."

(I brought my friend, carrie, up to do a song by herself. so basically, what this girl liked was when I wasn't singing).

"you have a great voice, but why can't you stick to nice songs? why do you have to play those other ones?"

I explained, "a lot of normal people find those songs funny. sorry."

and again..."but that butter song is so mean..."

so I said, "you know, it's not like I name a girl in the song. it's just very general. that way, you can all think it's not about you."...so okay, maybe that was a little mean. but after this tirade, I think I was entitled.

anyway, she was great.


january 7 Ė okay, Iím just back from san diego. another amazing rugburns show on new yearís eve. if you ever get a chanceÖ

and I got to play java joeís. this place is a san diego institution. thank you to everyone who came out. and to troy and steve for helping get it set up. and of course to joe. I had such a great time. oh, and thanks, dennis and troy, for the heckling. that was fun.